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A 2020 Connection Capital survey found 87% of private investors are looking seriously at including alternative investments as an aspect of their portfolios over the coming year.
Alternative investments tend to be insulated against market volatility and 2020 was one of the most volatile years in recent history. However, gold for example, has proven to hold its value quite well. Real estate has also been a solid performer — depending upon its location. On the other hand, equities are still quite expensive and its forecasts aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. Low interest rates have been depressing returns and inflation continues to be a very real concern.

Meanwhile, technological advancements have made alternative investments easier to understand, as well as reduced their investment thresholds. These factors bode well for the growth of alternative investments in years to come.

This, in turn, brings about more interest in alternative investments such as 

Lease Finance
Inventory Finance
Invoice Discounting
Fractional Real Estate
Art & Collectable 
Coming Soon
Peer-2-Peer Lending
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