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The real estate market in India continues to be in a state of speedy development. Owing to a business-friendly environment several Indians are taking up the gauntlet of running their own enterprises. This necessitates the purchase of commercial property to set up business headquarters. A company will also require premises for the storage of machinery and equipment, or a smaller premise for back-office operations. For all of this, the company needs a steady stream of revenue that will facilitate the property purchase. In the absence of the requisite funds at hand, businesses can avail of a finance solution known as the Commercial Property Purchase Loan.

​​​Is Commercial Property Purchase Loan for you?

The property loan effectively propels your immediate and future financial goals towards fruition. You can avail of the funding for various purposes such as for a new office space or a retail outlet, either or both of which may be ready for purchase or under construction. The Commercial Property Purchase Loan can ease the process of acquiring the desired property before market trends push up real estate costs further.

Why Commercial Property Purchase Loan?

We offer invaluable financial assistance to customers who intend to purchase commercial property for their business. The funds thus procured can help businesses actualise their expansion and diversification goals.

Features of Commercial Property Purchase Loan
  • Collateral: Commercial property

  • Tenure: Up to 15 years

  • Maximum loan amount: upto 65% of property value

  • Eligibility: Evaluation on the basis of the income eligibility programs as defined by ABFL from time to time.

  • Other benefits: Attractive interest rates; easy repayment option through EMIs or structured repayment; door-step services, balance transfer options.

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