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The real estate industry requires a constant stream of funds for various construction-related tasks. From the under-construction stage to the handover stage, developers must have funds available to ensure the timely delivery of housing or commercial units. Stalling a project mid-way owing to paucity of funds is a common problem faced by many housing and commercial development projects in India. Real estate developers can overcome this hurdle by availing construction loans.

​​​​Is Construction Finance for you?

As a developer, your primary target is the completion of the project at hand with strict adherence to timelines and buyer's satisfaction. However, it is not always possible to start and complete every project with the requisite project cost at hand. Often, developers rely on borrowing from the market as the development progresses or diversion of funds from other completed projects. However, fluctuating trends in the market can freeze your finances and make it difficult to borrow from other sources. In such cases, you can prevent standstills in work by availing Mortgage finance.

Why Construction Finance?

Institute offers real estate developers the option of acquiring requisite funds for their proposed or ongoing residential construction projects against the project sales receivables. The project finance is given subject to the construction plan timelines and the verified credentials of the developer. The loan for the real estate can be extended for tenure of up to 60 months.

Features of Construction Finance
  • Collateral: Escrow and hypothecation of project receivables and mortgage of property.

  • Tenure:60 months.

  • Minimum loan amount: Evaluation on the basis of the construction cost.

  • Eligibility: Evaluation on the basis of the project cash flow.

  • Additional benefits: Easy repayment option through Escrow mechanism with structured repayment options; ECS repayment facility; door step services.

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