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Employee contribution is the single most important driving force for a com​pany's success. Businesses cannot achieve their financial goals if employees do not exert their best efforts towards accomplishing the same. Hence, companies may reward their prized employees by setting up an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP). The ESOP may either be set up as a trust fund or it can borrow money to purchase new or existing company shares. Employees may opt for ESOP Financing to purchase company equity shares.

Why ESOP Financing?

Institute offers you the opportunity to purchase exercise ESOPs. ESOP Funding offers employees the chance to receive valuable capital to make the purchase and hold the shares till such time that he sells them to make a profit. The employee thus holds equity in the company which he may sell in the future to create wealth. It is an invaluable funding option that comes into effect when the employee faces a shortfall in funds; it quickly makes money available to purchase a large number of company shares. Loan Against ESOP enables the employee to exercise their ESOPs, while Institute facilitates the process of demat, bank paperwork and share transfer.

Is ESOP Financing for you?

Companies float ESOPs to primarily increase employee retention, and the shares may be offered only to a few employees. Also, taking a Loan Against ESOP is a decision based primarily on the vesting period and the grant price of the shares. One may choose an ESOP Financing option based on the market price of the shares and the grant price offered by the company.

When you opt for ESOP loans in India, you get access to a wealth-generation option by way of earning an income that is above your salary. The financing company facilitates the purchase with funds and also helps transfer the shares to your account.

Features of ESOP Financing
  • Collateral: granted by companies from approved list of shares.

  • Tenure: 367 days.

  • Minimum Loan Amount: Rs 20 lakh.

  • Loan Margin: Case-to-Case basis

  • Specialised loan procedures and documentation, besides hassle-free transfer of shares.


Please ask us for the approved list of shares at the time of making your loan application.

Next steps…
  • Do you want complete product details? Download the brochure.

  • If you want to apply for Loan Against ESOP

  • Our Relationship Manager can meet you at your convenience.

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