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Investing in IPOs is a rewarding experience for individuals or companies. However, it may so happen that you may not possess the requisite funds to subscribe to IPOs. At this juncture, an inflow of funds from another source may become necessary. One can explore the option of IPO Financing to bridge the deficit between the resources at hand and the funds needed in aggregate.

Why IPO Financing?

Institute offers you the opportunity to leverage your own funds in primary markets, thereby increasing the Allotment Quantum Manifold. IPO Financing is an invaluable financial instrument that bridges the gap between required funds and the resources at hand at a pre-defined margin; the customer only needs to pay the margin amount and we fund the remainder. The IPO loan helps you apply for as many shares of the IPO as is possible within the funds now in hand. You also have the flexibility to hold or sell the shares depending on market trends and nature of the securities purchased.

Is IPO Financing for you?

IPO Funding gives you the flexibility to apply for more shares of an IPO. This increases the chance of getting a bigger allotment and hence, higher returns.

You can choose to buy shares of the IPO directly from the companies (from the primary market) or from the secondary market, but the former will fetch you securities at a cheaper rate. It is advisable to remember this when you apply for shares of the IPO, before they are oversubscribed.

Once you are allotted some or all of the shares you applied for, the shares are credited to your demat account. Once listed, you can sell the shares to make a profit. If you are not allotted any shares, your invested money is returned within a period of 10 days.

Features of IPO Financing
  • Tenure: 7 to 10 days.

  • Minimum Loan Amount: Rs 25 lakh.

  • Loan Margin: Case-to-Case basis

  • Complete guidance offered during application, banking and follow-up process during subscription and listing.

Next steps…
  • If you own physical shares, you must dematerialise them before you proceed with the IPO Financing application.

  • Do you want complete product details? Download the brochure.

  • If you want to apply for LAS/LOC

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