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Private Property


A sudden requirement of funds is an unavoidable circumstance arising in professional or personal life. Whether a personal necessity (hospitalisation, child's marriage) or a professional one (expanding business operations on a priority basis), every person requires immediate financial backing at key moments.

In this context, it is imperative to consider an invaluable source of finance known as Loan Against Property (LAP). This is a loan borrowed by placing one's owned property as collateral. The funding may be given by financial institutions after scrutinising the validity of the said property and its current market value.

​​Is the Loan Against Property (LAP) facility for you?

If you are in immediate need of money for personal or business needs, LAP can transpire into an excellent financial decision. All the rights and accruements over the mortgaged property remain with you during the loan period. You can also take a property loan on the assets whose ownership is in your name but are leased out by you.

Simply for infusion into Business, or for a home restoration project or the purchase of a new commercial premises the LAP facility is a worthy financial product to explore.

​​Why Loan Against Property (LAP)?

We offer this facility is to enable the borrower to monetize his owned property without selling it. The necessary funds are raised in a short period of time, subject to valuation of the property and the submitted documents. The loan helps the borrower tide over a financial crisis with minimum risk.

Features of Loan Against Property
  • Collateral: Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Warehouse property

  • Tenure: Up to 15 years

  • Maximum loan amount: Up to Rs 75 crore

  • Attractive loan against property interest rates

  • No pre-payment charges upto a maximum of 25% of your outstanding loan,every financial year

  • Loan amount: Up to 60% of property value in case of commercial property, up to 70% in case of residential property

Please ask us for the required set of documents at the time of inquiry to know your loan against property eligibility.

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